BMW X1 xDrive28i 2016 Review Part 2

There’s no engine upgrade available for the fast and furious crowd as expected for a BMW the diminutive acts drives well small cars with shorter wheelbase is can have a bouncy ride quality X1. want is pretty buttoned down the chassis structure very very rigid personally I like the compact size the X1 makes it very chocolate corners. This is a cross over people so while it might be sporty and the courage it’s not a sports car the double size makes it good urban attack vehicle much better than a Chevy suburban legal or not you turns are very important in urban driving. X1 Will be your partner in crime very nicely done.

Government rated at an average of 26 miles per gallon X1 is the most fuel efficient in its segment like most in class the BMW prefers premium gas. Inside it certainly looks like a BMW with serious material upgrades compared to the outgoing car enthusiastic drivers will want the sport seats with deeper bolsters of course I drive is here to help Rangel all the features available X1 base price begins at $35800 and a backup camera and that package is about 1100 Bucks keyless ignition is in a $3200 grouping at least it provides this big glass roof and adaptive LED headlights as tested its nearly 45 for an additional package that would get you Otto breaking with pedestrian detection eliminates the heated steering wheel giving new meaning to the phrase cold hands warm heart. An option I highly recommend on the X1 is the sliding rear seat that makes this small vehicle much more versatile.

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