Chevrolet Impala 2014 Review Part 1

Chevrolet Impala 2014 Review

Travelers may have driven the Darling of the rental car fleets Chevrolets impala that they just might not remember it’s been that dole for that long. 2014 model leaves pouring in the rear view mirror reimagined right down to a squeaker logo impala returns to its roots. When it was launched in the late fifties display size car was a looker and wildly popular. These days shoppers are gravitating towards the important brands and cross overs even the baby boomers who grew up with and Paula plus there’s an awful lot of competition Xara al along 300 Taris cadenza. NBI Palmer is aptly named.

Hoping it to 60 miles an hour in under 6. Seconds it’s quiet at full gallop highway speed. To. There are 3 engine choicesI’m driving the most powerful a smooth 3.6 liter V. 6 that makes 305 courses. The 6 speed transmission gets a manual shift mode on the lever and a kind of awkward these are audio controls not Pat. If you think impala quarters like how down watch this. Not much body roll high it’s engaging and very comfortable. Personally I like my steering wait to be on the side followers he’s white. That said it’s very accurate and the arts center he’ll use solid even when the paper gets a little walk.

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