Chevrolet Impala 2014 Review Part 2

Chevrolet Impala 2014 Review

EPA rated fuel economy is 19 city 29 highway median might lead foot are seeing a couple less than that. Paul is big.Seed option up front is no longer available that this would be roomy interior will make you forget about all that. Stitching is everywhere there’s loads of expected storage cubbies and one that isn’t. Statue cheeseburger in here and its deterrent to show see this bright trend at night light shines through it clever and dramatic. Skinny people will rattle around the flat wide heated seats too bad the Seattle gray plastic bark looks. Well like plastic it’s funny user interfaces like should be smiling system are easier to use.

Some in luxury brands. The latest version gets a crisp screen that’s well organized is Pandora when you pair your smartphone the nav system can be programmed by passengers when you’re driving and destinations could be entered just like you to address a letter Chevy did a nice job of providing just the right amount of hard buttons.I will say that moving to the next song on my cell phone is pretty sluggish the both system is rich and powerful impala has loads of safety and luxury options blind spot warning in collision alert are on my tester adaptive cruise control vented seats and heated we owe our knocked 10 air bags are standard.

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