Chrysler Pacifica Limited 2017 Review Part 3

Chrysler Pacifica Limited 2017 Review Part 3

Pretty sure it swallows 28. As I tell my kids. Use your imagination. We don’t do that. Just case you don’t remember this is what the original pacifica looked like. Manufacturers of dressed vans up like cross overs or in the case of Honda Odyssey and Nissan quest. Just oddly and the town and country was very square maybe that’s why demand has shrunk. More than any mainstream vehicle I can think of lately pacifica got the attention of friends neighbors and just people in parking lots. Making the van appealing to the eye is no small task so I applaud the design team. Even after telling curious folks it was the replacement for the TNC minivan the overall response was I will never drive one of those but this would be great for my family as if the Pacific bell was in the van.Starting at under 29 grand this one goes for about 48 the market has shrunk but Chrysler is clearly defending this segment they invented switching out an established name for one from a discontinued cross over shows and eagerness to start fresh. Pacifica is an impressive think outside the box effort.

No one does Easter eggs like Chrysler and in addition to the umbrella shelf there’s this. And these little vans on the tray liner. Pacifica can be equipped with a tailgate and side doors that open with a kick. As a guy that loves all aspects of the auto industry I’m fascinated to see how the marketing for this raid will play out down the road the positioning of the vehicle is very complex who knows why people choose the cars they do this one that doesn’t look so much like a band. Time will tell. That is my opinion of the new Chrysler pacifica and before I go let me just say this. Could care less what kind of vehicle anybody buys just so long as they’re happy it is my job to expose people to different choices so if you’re thinking about across over or an S. U. V. young might just take a peek at this. It’s a very well done vehicle it will make your family’s life easy. It really well. Just sand.


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