Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum 2017 Review Part 3

Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum 2017 Review Part 3

I am 5 foot 9 sitting behind driver my son there is plenty of room back here and can I just say the seats up her fairy comfortable great 5 support. Quite accommodating for 2 middle passengers must deal with this nearly anything can be charged up back here. I’m kind of surprised the plot the model does not ease cushions.

There’s also a plug in hybrid model of Fusion with energy badge that’s energy within I it will go some 19 miles on electric power alone before defaulting to a standard hybrid mode. Know that its battery takes a larger chunk out of the trunk as it stands this standard hybrid version is stylish and keeps the fuel bill down. Just so long as you’re not in a huge hurry. The Fusion lined up covers a lot of ground front and all wheel drive are available a depending on model there are 24 cylinders a turbo V6.

This hybrid system and a plug in powertrains so if you like the design and really this is among the best looking mid size sedans available regardless of price there’s not much to keep a buyer from finding 1 tailor made the all wheel drive sport model makes 300 25 horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque for those who buy the Taurus SHL a bit big the sport just might be perfect. Thanks for sticking around to the very end you now know more about the Ford Fusion hybrid than those who bailed early and. Can I tell you a little secret. I have never driven this generation Ford Fusion before. Kind of surprising. Don’t know how I missed it said certainly driven all the competitors. Times these. This happened but. You’re in the market for a mid size sedan hybrid or otherwise I suggest you take a look. Pretty well done.


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