Honda Civic Touring 2016 Car Review Part 3

Honda Civic Touring Car 2016 Review Part 3

I don’t know how Honda does it but its trucks. All we seem to bend the space time continuum. If this doesn’t offer enough flexibility a hatchback model is returning normally sedans in this class hold about 5 packs. That folks is 7 but they hinge arms will do damage so technically it scores a 6. Still impressive. There’s a slight resemblance to the discontinued cross tour but civic dresses far more fashionably taillamps bridge into the trunk lid C. pillars get a dimensional flourish there are a lot of civic owners and their fiercely loyal a car this good gives them no reason to stray. A couple more things in this director’s cut of the Honda civic review it was raining much the week that I spent with civic and the tires did this a lot.

Annoying for us in Seattle really though this car is pretty tough to beat in its segment and once the hatch version he. The U. S. things should get interesting a competitor that’s under rated is the Chevy Cruze and the new version is on its way along with yes. You guessed it a hatchback version. A final note I believe civic is the only name plate in the auto industry that is a palindrome you know word that’s spelled the same both forward and backward and no numbers do not count neither does race car. Hope you found my look at the tenth generation 2016 Honda civic informational and mildly entertaining yes I really did learn how to drive a manual transmission in a first generation Honda civic you have to remember that back in the day the civic was a very weird looking car very small and nobody at drivers ed wanted to learn how to drive a manual transmission. I was all over it and I thought the civic was really cool very very different. I was into cars even back then.



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