Hyundai Sonata Sport Car 2015 Review Part 1

 Hyundai Sonata Sport Car 2015 Review Part 1

Hyundai has come on strong in the last 10 years and said nada its best selling model has done heavy lifting for the brand I’m Tom with driven for the New York times the seventh generation gets Hyundai’s new fluidic sculpture to design language which is less fluid and sculpted beds. Generation. It is a bit surprising that Hyundai sobered up the shape it could be argued that the outgoing model helps set the current trend of dramatic design in this segment. If you really like the old swoop the Sudan you can still get it through 2015 but only with a hybrid powertrain. Hyundai went for sophisticated premium image this time. I’d call it. Server is.

Structure is stronger a 41 percent improvement in body rigidity helps driving dynamics and safety there’s more sound insulation to. Rolling in traveling sales people out there sonata approaches Buick and Lexus in its quietness. So much so that at highway speeds you’re going to hear a little bit of air rushing past the Winchell pillars. 3 engines are available all of them 4 cylinders the only one without a turbo is this 2.4 liter it makes 185 horsepower. And 178 pound feet of torque. A 6 speed does the gear changes here transmission dynamics throttle response and steering weight can be tuned always defaulting to normal on startup.

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