Hyundai Sonata Sport Car 2015 Review Part 2

 Hyundai Sonata Sport Car 2015 Review Part 2

This is a sport model. That’s sports must be KROQ K. 0 to 60 is a leisurely 10 seconds or so both it and the 2 liter turbo make less power now sonata is not the muscle car in class. The suspension is approved large bulbs are soaked up nicely with a good dollop of control to go with the comfort. You can dial in a nice heft to the adjustable power steering and there’s a lot more information coming through the steering wheel. I just don’t know that I’d call the experience sporting. The sport turbo might be more engaging with a different steering rack paddle shifters and a flat bottom steering wheel fuel economy is up slightly the EPA ratings 25 cities 37 highway eco model squeezes out a few extra miles per gallon.

The cabin gets an updated appearance with crisp lines and soft materials part of me prefers cloth seats they grip and breathe better than whether these are heated available safety tech includes blind spot warning cross path detection and lane change assist. Apple’s CarPlay interface will be available in late 24 teams Seery eyes free is available now it allows you to do tasks on your iPhone using just voice commands. Schedule lunch tomorrow at 12:30 PM with Melissa Clark. I. You have an event about lunch with Jimmy Fallon that overlaps with this. Hyundai‘s blue lake lets you operate the door locks and lights plus start the engine from anywhere using a smartphone app. If you’re often the driver the carpool gang will really like it back here it’s pretty roomy it has the same kind of space found in accord impala and Passat higher trim levels get creature comforts such as extra air vents heated seats and a panoramic roof that’s impressive while sitting back here.

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