Hyundai Sonata Sport Car 2015 Review Part 3

 Hyundai Sonata Sport Car 2015 Review Part 3

Here’s a feature I really like if you got your hands full and the train. Ponder key in your pocket just simply stand close to the trunk for 3 seconds. And it opens automatically. Brilliant. Yes the seatbacks do split and fold handy if you’re not buying a cross over and the trunk is pretty spacious very few sedans can score an age of the TB drug test. 2015 sonatas start at just under 22 $0 the sport here begins at 24 grand this 1 is 276 that’s a reasonable price for a roomy quiet and comfortable sedan just don’t expect a lot of thrills from the throttle poor design.

Okay the 2015 sonata is hardly a bad looking car the crisp lives are nicely balanced at all and the cohesiveness flows from the outside note the trapezoidal grille to the trapezoidal center stack. It’s just not as emotional as the last generation. Something to remember Camry has been the 500 pound gorilla in this segment for ever and it’s never been edgy. But here’s the other thing Toyota knows this and is just now shipping the new svelte design. Oh well for Toyota anyway as. Well gang that is my opinion of the 2015 Hyundai sonata at now considering the strong family resemblance to the genesis. I really have to wonder what the next generation a launcher is going to look like. I have to believe they’re going to tell that one way down its priests will be. And I will see.


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