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2017 Kia Cadenza Review

This is not just an up market sedan it’s a personality test of sorts. Some buyers need a badge with gravitas for others it’s about bang for the Buck no need for a Myers Briggs assessment to understand cadenza have style comfort and tech pragmatic folks won’t mind the kia emblem status seekers well there’s always therapy sedans like condemns all Toyota Avalon and Hyundai is Arab or sort of unique in the automotive world in that they’re near luxury cars sold by mainstream brands.

Let’s throw Nissan maxima and maybe Chevy impala in as well the second generation cadenza is a solid improvement over the first drawn up in key is California studio the premium vibe of the sheet metal looks like Volvo’s new S. 90 at first glance. And second seems like Zorro was on the design team the adaptive cruise control sensor could be subtler though price not starts at around $33000 this limited model with all the trimmings retails for just over 45 grand. That is a serious deal.

Technicial Specifications

Cadenza remains front wheel drive with the 6 power at 3.3 leaders. There’s 290 horsepower and 253 pound feet of torque from the revised engine. I. The transmission now sports 8 speeds of the shifter is very straight forward thanks kia drive modes alter shift dynamics steering weight and throttle response but not suspension firmness. A reminder always. Always wear your seat belts that from a former news photographer who’s seen a little too much gory stuff. Cadenza has solid acceleration.

Type a personalities should be satisfied with 0 to 60 runs just under 7 seconds. The Sixers refined but it’s not super buttery smooth like the engines found in true luxury brands. Just remember the price. Though the structure is lighter condenses torsional rigidity is up by 35 percent the buttons down suspension is more sophisticated front and rear expect hobbling not sport dynamics. My biggest gripe with she is in the past is bad no road deal whatsoever engineers have finally dialed some end the ride quality is what you’d expect from a car in this class comfortable but control. Cadenza doesn’t whose character but it sure is quiet.

The EPA average fuel economy rating of 23 miles per gallon. Petted if class. One thing not available on cadenzas that could you. As for. All wheel drive this top tier limited model is stuffed with standard tech like blind spot warning lane keep assist cross path detection plus auto breaking with pedestrian detection. The controls are especially straight forward the technology very easy to use. So important these days there are so many distractions. Including me talking to you. Like the exterior the cockpit has to spend the look to it this is not the cheap leather seats are climate controlled the driver’s chair is especially adjustable.

Harman Kardon system makes even grainy SiriusXM stations sound good trim is simulated bark but it looks expensive as to all the materials here wonder how the piano black piece. As will look at a few years though the interface is easy to use no owner’s manual necessary just the right amount of hard buttons to android auto and apple CarPlay are here plus it would be hard to back into anything considering the cameras. I am 5 foot 9 with this adjusted for driver my size. I have a awful her room back here Jia claims condenses interior is the most spacious ball the main competitors and not all of them offered this impressive. Glass but warmers yup sunshades Jack wanted back to there are power jacks charge phones and computers but those wanting control don’t get a rear climate so.

Kenya is big on auto opening trunks the kind where you stand next to it with the transponder key in your pocket or purse. Boom very handy less handy there’s only ski pass through seat backs don’t fall down good thing the nicely trimmed cargo hold is on the spacious side swallowing up 7 packs of my trunk measurement metric. Not only does could get to do a good job slugging it out with cars I mentioned earlier it can hold its own against Sudan’s like you across Lincoln MKZ have Lexus yes.

In addition to style features and value kia offers a 10 year 100000 mile powertrain warranty if your personality type is content with our premium badge cadenza competes comfortably in the near luxury segment. When it comes to design kia has studios in Europe Korea and the U. S. there is a competition of sorts between the studios to come up with the best design this winning shape came from the California studio under the leadership of ray and who was with General Motors before tia by the way in other markets the cadenza is branded K7.

Other Cars Model Comparison

That is how I feel about the 2017 kia cadenza. Keep wanting to say credenza up for those of you who are not paying attention the Korean brands both kia and Hyundai are knocking it out of the park these days great quality great design of my wife has a 4 year old kia soul nothing but gas and oil. It’s been perfect. She drives it really hard. I don’t tell her I said that. I’ll get in trouble. That’s driven. I’m tumble. In the dog house probably.


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