Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Coupe 2017 Review Part 1

Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Coupe 2017 Review

Benz C class today and is a formidable competitor the cabin is arguably best in class it comfortably knows its way around corners the design is live that organic the new model offers a little less. In the door department at least it’s the new C3 Rhet coop. Cute or groups are stylish but not wildly popular possibly because it can’t. We’re getting into. Exceeding crap want you there. I don’t know if you heard of cars driving around with just one person in them don’t you. Squinting you’ll see a generous dollop of class Kubin its lines the seat costs much less rear drive models start at just under $44000 this one goes for 59 grand extras include all wheel drive a $4800 premium package packing a most excellent Burmester audio system and a $1200 aromatic adjustable suspension wild lands stays clean all gross that the backup camera is not standard.

And a ton of us breaking system is though aha thank you very much under the aluminum hood lives a 2 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder. I. Providing 241 horsepower and 273 pound feet of torque there is additional horse power available in the AMG performance versions the C43 offers 50 percent more the C63 nearly doubles this. The transmission is a 7 speed automatic sorry manual lovers throttle response transmission mapping and steering half can be dialed to your liking. 0 to 60. Happens in about 6 seconds it doesn’t feel that fast maybe it’s the refinement. The terrible for his very smooth but not an awful lot of sonic personality from ed. Save. A kook suspension is slightly firmer and 15 millimeters lower than the sedans. See 300 slices up corners without drama but there’s not loads of field coming up through the steering. Short it’s Gordy in but not overly sporty gonna have to move up the AMG performance versions to get that.

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