Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Coupe 2017 Review Part 2

Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Coupe 2017 Review

See 300 is a quiet car sedan or coupe ride quality it’s your choice in this case you just automatic suspension worth the money the modes are clearly different from each other comfort when you want it sport when you want. It also keeps the car sales level it’s not that the backseat and trunk will get loaded up on a regular basis how much gas is a drink while the EPA numbers are 23 city 29 highway on premium fuel I saw a couple notches under that but. I drive harder than most. I. Did you notice the automatic start stop system it can be turned off. From behind the flat bottom steering wheel owners might linger in the drive way just to appreciate the craftsmanship it’s a handsome space a $1700 sport package buys a cut and sewn gash plus a M. G. floor mats.

At no they don’t add any performance. This big piece of glass is standard deeply bolstered the chairs will hold drivers of many different sizes in place during hard maneuvers. Whether using the wheel or touch pad the command user interfaces O.’s not always perfectly clear apple CarPlay an android auto are not available at least for now mercedes makes getting to the back seats as genteel as possible. Space back here is a little more generous than a Cadillac ATS coupe I remembered the BMW 4 series being more livable while there are Felsen Cup holders for 2 back here some storage notes too no power port or seat back pockets those are nice for organizing.

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