Mercedes-Benz G550 2016 Review Part 2

Mercedes-Benz G550 2016 Review Part 2

Fuel economy it’s pretty much the same no matter how it’s driven even the wealthy may wins. Post modern cross overs have a lock down on center feel. This is a truck albeit a very nice truck and it requires a certain amount of constant correction. Especially when you’re cruising on the highway. G. 550 is electronically limited to 130 miles an hour not sure I’d want to go there this though is a different matter. Considering the cost I will wager that anybody who actually pays for a G. wagon won’t try to topple train much tougher than this and I have even considered using the low range for the lock pull differentials. Kudos to those who do though.

With the continuous all wheel drive set up the 5 fifties appeal is more old school that range Rovers user friendly terrain response system Mercedes claims that genie can tackle in 80 percent incline up or down. You have to trust them there. Don’t feel like testing my insurance policy. Certainly trimmed up better than its military counterparts occupants view the world through expansive glass from a high perch. The chairs have a few tricks. They’re noticeably comfortable extremely adjustable and climate controlled. This is not the latest version of the command user interface but it’s far more sophisticated than what was available back in the eighties the removable Cup holder can help improve your 3.shot skills. He shoots. We. Scorers. Where passengers definitely set higher than those in front room is okay there’s no folding arm rest. Not that it doesn’t have its amenities here’s something you don’t see. These days. The G. wagon is a 2 row machine and dropping the seat backs the whole big things is not a simple single lever affair it does take some effort. A lift gate would protect you from the rain it also wouldn’t keep you from your cargo.

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