Mercedes-Benz G550 2016 Review Part 3

Mercedes-Benz G550 2016 Review Part 3

Pretty sure these could be used for tow hooks the square shape is very efficient when loading provisions another to supply Germany’s entire Buddhist where for a full day of that 16 packs. Mercedes has signaled an end to production of this legend over the past decade and yet get soldiers on a unique combination of Taylor the luxury status capability and history. Nothing makes people say Gee. Quite like the G. way. The G. wagon was originally built because of a request from the Shah of Iran for a military vehicle that could go anywhere and I do mean Andy where. There is a perverse kind of fun to playing around in the dirt with a $120000 vehicle. The low end Birbal of the V. 8 is reminiscent of a battle ship. So is the turning radius. Lots of 3.turns in this rag. Notice how good the audio was. It wasn’t so great the first day I get it. Turns out my GoPro audio port adapter was bad and I didn’t know it until I got home so I had to shoot right back out and shoot that stuff again. Poor me or off roading. Well the gas bill was a bit steep though.

Of course you all know I shoot these videos myself so I need someone to get behind the wheel for running footage I’d like to thank made Ted as for driving. Note here a dirt fish rally school. They’d want to give a plug to dirt Fisher all this goal. Come by to dervish rally school anytime you want WWW.dirt well set. You are a true professional. You know it if you have something in your eyes 8. There you go that is my take on the Mercedes Benz G. wagon and die you might have noticed I actually used my drone for the first time in this piece. About a DJ I phantom for in case you’re wondering. And the learning curve a little bit steep for me it took him how 3:00 hours to get these shots that I ended up using. But I’m assuming it’ll go faster after that safety first right. Alright


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