Porsche 718 Cayman S Review Part 3

Porsche 718 Cayman S

Porsche 718 Cayman S

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Came into his portions most affordable sports car the Boxster convertible sharing the 718 prefix is now priced higher a base came and begins at 55 $0 has tested this S. is closer to 82 grand not cheap but other mid engined cars that can easily be twice the price don’t always offer a significantly better experience. And experience is what became it is all about. Alright you know I put a certain amount of effort into. Videos and this one was like giving birth love the car but the conditions were trying to say the least I was going to get carded car shots until Martin Campbell’s truck. Developed a flat tire and we’re happy to say we have not. The. Yeah. That is a serious flat tire and it gets worse turns out it was too flat tie hers. So while he took care of that rob Calero and I stuff the gear into the came in and headed to eastern Washington since west of the cascade mountains was raining. And while it was clear over there the winds gusted to 40 miles an hour making it pretty tough to shoot. And no wonder there’s a wind farm here it was far windy here than usual though and it was difficult flying the drone I finally gave up didn’t want a racket.

I love my job but some days are more trying than others. That is my opinion of the new Porsche 718 came in as a lot of people ask me Hey Tom if money were no object what would you buy. Truth be told. This is on the short list yes. I’ve driven supercars. But. Kind of a practical guy and I wouldn’t spend $700000 on a vehicle. There’s something about this it’s somewhat practical it’s got great performance and the quality is awesome it’s it’s not an endorsement here it’s just. A car that speaks to me we all have those so. I’m gonna go start saving my pennies.

Porsche 718 Cayman S


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