Volkswagen Golf SportWagen Alltrack 2017 Review Part 1

Volkswagen Golf Sport Wagen Alltrack 2017  Review Part 1

The <strong>Volkswagen golf</strong> sport wagon gas it used to be the jet of sport wagon is a practical vehicle not too big not too small it’s the right size for conquering concrete canyons and fetching the kids. Normally following directions like this it one will do to water to make a hard left tree is unwise but this is the new all track version it has all wheel drive rides a bit higher and dresses a little like ranger Rick. This recipe has been used before with great success Volvo took the V70 wagon and turned it into the. C70 or cross country as it’s commonly known Subaru same thing the legacy wagon became the outback a blockbuster inside and out Volkswagen’s quietly have. Approach is less. Bauer more banana Republic cladding is subdued ground clearance is increased by only 1.4 inches the 1.8 liter turbo 4 cylinder makes the same power as standard sport wagons. That would be 170 horsepower and 199 pound feet of torque and no there will not be a diesel. For now there’s a 6 speed dual clutch automatic. Speed manual arrives in early 2017 there are different drive modes FYI the standard sport wagon can be had with all wheel drive. All track is quick enough. All estimates 0 to 60 at just under 8 seconds.

Unlike Subaru’s continuously variable transmissions that can happen the last X. sort of dynamic to them this dual clutch has crisp shifts snick snick snick. Thrown around technical jargon that like <strong>golf</strong> all track has a refined upscale driving nature with steering that firms up nicely at speed especially in sport. Advantage to not jacking up the ride height of the old track any further so that pretty much handles like a regular sport wagon that is a good thing.

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